HAIR: To wash or not wash before your color appointment?

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There’s this MYTH going around that it’s best to go to the salon with dirty hair. We need to chat….

Just how you would never apply paint over a dirty wall the same goes for color. From rich browns to vibrant reds these shades consist of molecules that bond to the hair. Natural oils, silicones, pomades, gels and the biggest culprit of them all Moroccan Oils can block your color from doing just that.

This is not your grandmothers hair color. Not washing your hair so the color will “stick” better is completely false. Hair color today is made to preserve color and be gentle on the hair while doing it. To get the most out of your color service go in with clean, dry, and product free hair.

For highlighting services clean hair is not as crucial unless you are going be be getting lowlights. It is still best to have your hair styled the way you normally do before going in so the stylist can see where the best possible placement for your highlights should be.

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