SPOTLIGHT: Mame Luxury Soy Candles

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I absolutely love the ladies of MAME! I may be biased since one of them has been my best friend for the last 10 years. Let me tell you though, these ladies are not only creative but business savvy. Megan and Maria started MAME in 2011 in Phoenix, AZ and have been hand pouring and selling wholesale to stores and boutiques all over the west coast. San Diego has it’s very own scent you can find and buy inside the Hotel Del Coronado.

We had been dreaming up a concept for some time about a behind the scenes look into their candle making process. The ladies grabbed hold of the styling process and helped bring the shoot to life with plenty of feminine touches. I had a blast watching them work and love seeing them both take a hold of running a creative small business. It’s not easy, and they show it can be done while still working 9-5 day jobs! MAME just released two new scents Arcadia Orange and French Press Vanilla which have quickly become my new favorites.





Megan and Maria show candle making can be fun! You have to do something while wax cools :)


Check out more from MAME and where to buy luxury soy candles on their website.

Hair / Make-up / Photography by Jennie J. with BeautyHive Studios

One Comment on ““SPOTLIGHT: Mame Luxury Soy Candles”

  1. Missy Shackelford

    This is not only inspiring having the priviledge of witnessing 2 amazing women blossom through exploring their passions, their determination, dedication and brain-power propelling them to success, but also seeing all the joy in this absolutely ADORABLE write-up! THANKS for all the smiles! GREAT JOB!!! So proud to know you…Missy

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