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manyfacesofskylerblog1Look out Oprah, Skyler has entered the scene full force.

You know when you meet someone who just instantly makes you go wow, this girl is going somewhere. Skyler McCurine of Le Red Balloon is full of inspiration with a heart to match. We have worked together with several clients to create the full make-over. Skyler takes care of wardrobe and self confidence and I create a new color and cut to fit the change. I always have so much fun working with her and love how she transforms people wardrobes.

We are in the middle of a big collaboration project (too early now to share, but soon!) and while she was in the studio we grabbed some new profile images. Of course with a few red balloons.



While she was in the studio I asked Skyler to put in her own words what is it she does for women she meets:

Women see an average of 400-600 advertisements in a day. Imagine what this does to the viewer’s psyche (self-objectification, self-deprecation, eating disorders, insatiable dieting, low self-esteem, to name a few). This affects their sense of self and esteem. My job is to remind my clients (male and female) that they matter, that they are beautifully imperfect, and that they are FABULOUS. I grew up in a house where style was the way we expressed ourselves, my 89 year old grandmother is stunning, I knew that beauty, style, and grace is something for every age,something our youth obsessed culture fails to understand. I celebrate my clients; women of all ages, body types, budgets and we have a ball.

Le Red Balloon is the fervent removal of life’s tarnish, revealing the singular brilliance that lies within every individual, showcasing its luster in the way it deserves to be seen. This comprehensive service and unique experience was founded upon a passion to invigorate the human spirit, through a devotion to fashion & style. I am a personal stylist, closet organization Guru and public speaker. I host interactive workshops for non-profits, women’s groups, middle/high schools regarding leadership, empowerment, confidence, inner-beauty, and anti-bullying.

“I do what I do because I want to remind the world , one person at a time that they are beautiful.” – Skyler McCurine, Le Red Balloon


Hair / Make-up / Photography by Jennie with BeautyHive Studios

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