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Recently I was invited inside the studio of Jeweliany. Julie Simpson is the owner, designer, metalsmith, and mastermind behind the brand. She has a great sense of design style and uses renewable sources in her designs.  I am obsessed with what she creates with metals and gems. Her team of lovely ladies consists of herself, Laura and Alex. I am happy to call them studio neighbors and get a first hand look at all the new designs.

The Constellation Collection which was inspired by Grand Central Station in NYC has become a best seller and can even be found on I am currently coveting their crystal illusion rings, they are stunning!

Take a look at Julie and her team at work inside the Jeweliany studio…




Can you believe these pretty ladies play with metal and fire all day! They also house a small retail area in the front…if you are a local in San Diego, you can shop their designs in person. Best time to come if every first Friday of the month when Jeweliany and all the artist studios in the area open up for Friday Night Liberty.


I wore one of Jeweliany’s necklaces for a recent photo shoot. How fantastic is that necklace!?


Shop all Jeweliany’s designs at As well as check back soon for designer Julie’s shoot inside BeautyHive Studios.

Photography by Jennie with BeautyHive Studios // Last Image by Paul Markow

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