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I am so excited to share with you some pictures from when we eloped! Over the years of styling for weddings I have got to see some pretty amazing wedding days and how I would want my own. I always knew it would be small and intimate. One thing that always stuck out to me was no matter what pick a great photographer, it makes all the difference. The lovely ladies of Joie Lala photographie were dream photographers…so extremely talented.

We wanted a simple day but one to remember. With our families all being out of town having something simple with everyone there would have been a challenge. So an elopement was right for us. We decided it had to be everyone or no one. Our parents and close family all knew and were more than excited for the way we wanted to get married. It turned out perfectly.

We got ready at the Hotel Salomar downtown (the grandious mirror in the room was so worth it). Then we headed to the Spreckles Organ Pavillion in Balboa park. I love that place. We read our vows and danced a first dance and were officially married! After that we went down to the harbor and met our captain and boat and sailed the bay. San Diego lights look pretty nice from the water. I could not have asked for better weather as it was a perfect August night that you can be on the water without being even the slight bit cold.

The fabulous Vicky Larsen from Clean Slate did my make-up. My flowers, veil, and hair I took care of myself. Curious how does a hairstylist wears their hair on their wedding day? I’m somewhat embarrassed to say…a hair donut! Believe it or not it was a last minute change to what I had originally planned, but I woke up that morning and was feeling a high bun and no fuss hair so it won over.

Enjoy a glimpse from our day!

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4 Comments on “BRIDAL: High bun elopement”

  1. caryl_noce

    Every bride dreams to have an elegant and memorable weeding. And having a gorgeous hair style is one of the things that can make a wedding wonderful. Your blog is really nice. Your hair styles really fit your clients.

  2. Leticia

    hi there, when i saw your pics i thought to myself someone had the exact same idea of a short & sweet elopement. was wondering, did you have to get a permit for the ceremony to take place at the pavillion? I tried looking at their website and did see anything, unless I just missed it.

    Thanks for your help & information.


    1. jennie

      Hi Leticia,

      No we didn’t!! It was 6 of us total with the photographers, officiant, us and the guitarist. We were there a total of 15-20 mins with a little longer around the area for pictures. The more people I’m sure the more need for a permit but if it’s small enough I’m sure you won’t be bothered :) Good Luck!!

  3. Ashley Zarubi


    It was such a pleasure meeting you last night at the SD Style Blogger Glam Meet Up. My hair last night WAS just like your wedding hair here in these gorgeous pics. (mine was def not as nice as yours tho) So I will def have to take some of those classes you mentioned.
    I would love to set up a photoshoot with you as well for my blog!! :) I am definitely interested!
    You are so so sweet. Please feel free to contact me, I will stay in touch.


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