HEADSHOTS: The art of selling yourself

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Headshots are an integral part of any career. Wether you are a student, business professional, actor, or entrepreneur. With the world we live in full of social media it can possibly be the first way people meet you. The right representation of yourself can be very important. What do you want to say to potential clients or jobs? Headshots are used but are not limited to Linkedin profiles, website about pages, brochures, press releases and speaking engagements. You may be in need of a variety of images to give you versatility in your expanding career or just one good shot to use for Linkedin. Either way you should be excited to show off your headshot when someone asks for it.

For most people being in front of the camera does not feel natural. It may be your first time ever having a professional photo and it can be overwhelming. I can assure you a headshot session with me is painless and can actually be a lot of fun! I take a modern approach to the traditional headshot. Giving you that stand out factor from others. It can be as simple as capturing a quick profile picture or as individualized as showcasing your whole brand.

What to expect from your shoot:

First we will go over the look of your shoot. How would you like to represent yourself or your brand? What you are using them for and what you would like to accomplish with them? We will discuss indoor and outdoor options and natural light versus artificial light. This is also a good time to touch on what to wear and bring to your shoot.

At the shoot you may first be getting your hair and make-up done as well as I will help guide you with your wardrobe. I am there to make sure you look your best in front of the camera with flattering lighting and poses. I create a fun and relaxed environment with your favorite music playing and lots of laughs. I love to show you what we are capturing as we go along.

Within 5-8 days after your shoot I will send you proofs to look through and decide you favorite ones. I edit your final choices and give a light-medium editing to make sure skin is clear and eyes bright to look like the best version of yourself. Photos are delivered in digital form and ready to use right away.

What to wear:

I always suggest wearing something you love and feel confident in. Bring 3-4 outfit options washed and pressed. Headshots are mostly from waist up so shoes are not as necessary. Tops that are solid brights look great on camera. Choose navy, gray, or brown over black as it can be too harsh. Patterns and text can be very busy and best to avoid. Don’t hesitate to wear jewelry, just make sure it compliments your look and does not distract. Simple drop earrings, pearls, and delicate necklaces are great additions. Be sure to choose clothing items that are tailored and well fitting on your body.

Next, make sure you are well groomed…eyebrows and manicured nails. Plenty of rest and water before your shoot will keep your skin looking great. Natural looking make-up that enhances your features is an important part of your shoot. We do offer hair and/or make-up in studio if you would like.

For men I suggest a haircut a week or so before, and facial hair shaved and/or trimmed day of.

Take a look at some headshots and profile branding sessions I have done and contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to your shoot!




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Hair / Make-up / Photography by Jennie J. with BeautyHive Studios

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