FEATURED: Braid class on NBC News

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Well I had an eventful week! First off I got engaged!! My amazing boyfriend surprised me last Sunday up at La Costa Spa and Resort with not only a spa day but he popped the question. I was completely stunned that I had no idea it was coming. I guess that’s the point, right!?

As if that wasn’t enough NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams aired a segment I was part of on Friday evening. I had about 30 minutes to tell everyone to watch it live. Of course my mom called me immediately all confused by time zones and what not and missed it. Luckily it popped up on the internet within minutes of airing on the east coast. Whew, crisis adverted for my mother.

So a little back story as to how it came about. In January I started a group on meetup.com called The Pinterest Social. It came from the want to meet and interact with local creative people. Pinterest was defining a good amount of my free time and I realized of  many others. I thought it would be a great way to meet like minded people by associating it with the group. So the Pinterest Social was born with the idea in mind to meet up and DO what we pin. Our first few meet ups went AMAZING! The people I met were so inspiring and have so many creative skills and ideas. We book projects and finish them in a social setting. I hosted a braid social as our 3rd meet up. It was a huge hit since Pinterest was trending so many braids at the moment. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show how to re create them on yourself.

About a month into The Pinterest Social’s existence I got a call from a producer in Burbank for NBC . She was doing a piece on Pinterest and had come across me and the group. After a phone interview I was game for her and a correspondent to come down to get an interview and film one of our socials in action. They loved the idea of Pinterest users getting off the internet to create friendships and pin projects they do. I had no idea it was a national news story till it aired!

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>>> In the fast-moving world of social networking , there is a new place to be, pinterest has become the third biggest site behind facebook and twitter and growing seemingly out of nowhere. our report tonight from Kristen Dahlgren.

>> Jennie Jackson could be a poster child for pinterest.

>> it became an obsession.

>> she used the pinboard for everything from recipes to decorating ideas.

>> i think a good way to describe it is it’s folders of things you collect and do and want to do, inspirations.

>> she was recently inspired to form a group with other fanatics to try out their pinned projects.

>> that looks great. i’m going to take a picture. pinned.

>> the growth has been phenomenal. from 3.3 million users to almost 19 million in just six months. making it one of the fastest growing internet companies ever.

>> with millions of visitors and all of those images, you might expect pinterest to have a huge high-tech headquarters. you would be wrong. this is it, a small, quiet room in paulo alto with about 30 employees.

>> as a kid, i was really into nature and really into science.

>> ben silverman was a bug collector as a child with an idea to take collecting online. it paid off. forbes recently estimated the two-year-old company could be worth over $7 billion.

>> Pinterest has the women and the buyers. they have the money, right? and they have them in huge numbers. and these people are addicted.

>> the perfect target for companies. 85% of pinterest page views are from women, most between the age of 21 and 34. from the midwest, and households that earn more than $74,000 a year. everyone wants a piece of the pinning. osku oscuker derulenta pinned his life show, and so does “nightly news.”

>> we want something we were really proud of, something that was beautiful and useful.

>> it looks awesome.

>> in doing that, the new internet darling with a funny name may have just hit the bull’s eye. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, pallo alto, california.

I have to say I feel strongly about Pinterest turning into another way for companies to sell to me. I understand there is a major opportunity given the demographic. With all the other social media avenues I felt Pinterest was the one I cherished for myself. Not worried about having to relate to my business at all times. My hope is for it to continue to be a place to bookmark ideas and if it organically turns into a purchase I make I’m ok with that.


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