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Trends for men don’t change as often as they do for women. Yet when they do, they sure make a statement!

I like to call this one The Dapper Man…
It’s the comeback of classic and tailored looks. Take yourself back to a 1930s barber shop. Clean cut sides, perfect quiff on top and plenty of pomade and shine.

I personally am swooning over this look. It may stem from my ongoing love for a man in suspenders but hey, I’m on board and bringing out the clippers.

Since this trend is a throwback to classic and vintage styles it’s good to know if it can be adopted into your look.

How to make this trend work for you (or your guy):

1) Determine if it’s right for you – With any new trend you have to look at  your personal style. Do you dress the part? If you are a board shorts and flip flops type of guy this haircut may not fit into your personal style.

Do you have the right hair texture? Since new trends are usually a variation of old, this haircut can be adapted to work for any hair texture. Men with wave or curl I suggest a medium to long top and fuller styling to emphasize the wave and texture.

For straight hair a longer slicked back look can serve you well.

2) Commit and start a plan –  Most of my clients adapting this style have had to grow out the top. So work into the steps of getting there. Usually within two haircuts of taking the sides down to a #2 or #3 clipper your new style starts to be defined.

3) Tools to get the job done – If you are going for a more slicked style use a light weight gel and comb to get your desired look.

For a full quiff – Because this is a more involved style it does require some heat! Time to introduce the blow dryer to your routine. Start with a sea salt spray to prep the hair, then blow dry on a low setting using your fingers to shape your hair in the direction you want it to go. (This style can be worn curly as well). Finish the look with a shine free gel. If you want to define a part, do so with a comb and concentrate the product along the part to create a defined line.


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