HAIR: Should You Go Sulfate-Free?

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Would you wash a beautiful silk blouse with a cheap powder detergent? Probably not. You would be left with a faded, rough, and worn looking garment and be regretting the money you spent on it. The same goes for how you treat your color treated hair. I use high quality color on your hair and the products you use at … Read More

HAIR: Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment 101

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What is a Keratin Hair Treatment? Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. It is the key structure that makes up your hair and makes it strong. Heat styling, environmental elements and age are all factors in breaking down our natural keratin. A Keratin Hair Smoothing treatment infuses natural Keratin protein into your hair with heat to restore and … Read More

BEAUTY: Pretty in Pink

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Blair is a natural beauty that I just wanted to enhance with a bit of soft pinks and defined brows. Most natural blondes have light brows that fade away in photography. To get Blair’s look I applied a tinted moisturizer all over and followed with concealer over any red areas she had. I then set her make-up with powder a … Read More

HAIR: Ombre vs Balayage?

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Have you been hearing these terms and wondering what they are all about? Or if you should give them a try? Neither of these techniques are new but they are the latest hair trend. *I do want to mention that you should do your research on a qualified hairstylist when getting either of these techniques done. Bad ombre has been … Read More

BRIDAL: High bun elopement

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I am so excited to share with you some pictures from when we eloped! Over the years of styling for weddings I have got to see some pretty amazing wedding days and how I would want my own. I always knew it would be small and intimate. One thing that always stuck out to me was no matter what pick … Read More

FEATURED: Braid class on NBC News

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Well I had an eventful week! First off I got engaged!! My amazing boyfriend surprised me last Sunday up at La Costa Spa and Resort with not only a spa day but he popped the question. I was completely stunned that I had no idea it was coming. I guess that’s the point, right!? As if that wasn’t enough NBC … Read More

HAIR: Dapper Man

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Trends for men don’t change as often as they do for women. Yet when they do, they sure make a statement! I like to call this one The Dapper Man… It’s the comeback of classic and tailored looks. Take yourself back to a 1930s barber shop. Clean cut sides, perfect quiff on top and plenty of pomade and shine. I … Read More

HAIR: To wash or not wash before your color appointment?

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There’s this MYTH going around that it’s best to go to the salon with dirty hair. We need to chat…. Just how you would never apply paint over a dirty wall the same goes for color. From rich browns to vibrant reds these shades consist of molecules that bond to the hair. Natural oils, silicones, pomades, gels and the biggest … Read More