BEAUTY: Pretty in Pink

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Blair is a natural beauty that I just wanted to enhance with a bit of soft pinks and defined brows. Most natural blondes have light brows that fade away in photography.


To get Blair’s look I applied a tinted moisturizer all over and followed with concealer over any red areas she had. I then set her make-up with powder a shade lighter than her skin, added a peachy powder blush to the apples of her cheeks. For the brows I like to use a taupe/beige tone eye brow pencil like Lingering from MAC and apply with soft short strokes to create a natural looking brow. For the eyes I swept a medium eggplant shade over the lid, followed by a matte vanilla powder highlighter on the brow bone, smudged dark brown shadow on the lower lash line, applied a natural looking set of false lashes and lots of mascara. We played around with a few lip colors and settled on a pale coral tone for most of the shoot.


Southern California Make-up artist

San Diego Make-up artist

San Diego Make-up artist

Anna a talented photographer friend joined me in the studio and got some great shots of Blair in movement…plus all the behind the scenes shots which I greatly appreciate!!


Hair/make-up/photography by Jennie with BeautyHive Studios  / Collage and behind the scenes images by AMI Photo

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